Where do we live 50 years later?

While there’s certainly been an out-migration of classmates from West Virginia during the past 50 years; the vast majority still live closer to home rather than further away. At least that’s according to our classmate database which is being updated almost daily as we find new addresses.

united-states-mapSmallerSpecifically, 47% of classmates with addresses on our list still have West Virginia mailing addresses. Next highest is Florida with 9%. We have no way of knowing, however, how many moved to Florida and worked or who retired in West Virginia and then moved to Florida.

A full 61% of us live within common driving distance to Charleston. We count addresses in the states of Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland in addition to West Virginia for this total.

A full breakdown of classmates by state with 1% or more residents include: West Virginia (44%, 157); Florida (9%, 33); North Carolina (7%, 24); Virginia (5%, 19); Ohio (3%, 12); Texas (3%, 10); California (3%, 10); Georgia (3%, 9); Maryland (2%, 7); New York (2%, 7); South Carolina (2%, 7); and Tennessee (2%,6).

States with 1% or less of our classmates include: Pennsylvania (1%, 5); Indiana (1%, 4); Kentucky (1%, 4); Arizona (1%, 4); Kansas (1%, 3); Colorado (1%, 2); Massachusetts (1%, 2); Mississippi (1%, 2); Delaware (1%, 2); Michigan (1%, 2); and New Jersey (1%, 2).

States with one only one classmate-resident include: Minnesota, Montana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Washington, Louisiana, Utah, New Mexico, Connecticut and Vermont.

These results are subject to change as we receive updates on addresses however this is what our data shows for now.

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    • A class directory of the names and addresses as we know them is on the Picture CD that will be provided to attendees at the reunion or may be ordered separately from the site for $20. Order info at the top of the right hand navigation bar on the home page.

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