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2 thoughts on “Register Here

  1. Hi Tom,
    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found this site. I’m a ’63 alum who played clarinet in the band. I now play with the very first New Horizons Band in Rochester, New York that was founded by Roy Ernst, former professor at Eastman School of Music. There are now over 100 bands all over the US and internationally, so you can see my band experience at CHS has been a lasting one for me. (I have switched from clarinet to oboe.)
    I’ve played the music on the website over and over since I downloaded to my iphone. I am completely transported and with more life experience, especially in music, now have an even broader appreciation for how good the Mt. Lion Band is–equal to the finest “wind ensembles” as fine bands are sometimes called. Just one song missing, and it may not be on the album that we recorded in 1963–“Roar Lions Roar.” I would also like to know if you know if this album has been re-produced as a cd.
    Thanks, for this lovely site and for your hard work.
    Beverly Toler Maville-Letter
    P.S. Sure hope I can make the reunion. Where you in the band? I have so few recollections of many of the people in my class.

  2. Hey Bev …. thanks for the kind words. There is no album that I know of … these were passed along in MP3 format ya da. And since you have so few recollections of many in the class … I was the guy all the girls were after. Remember now? Huh … you don’t. Well, maybe I was just a shy guy as I still am today …. okay folks. No unnecessary comments. And, no, I wasn’t in the band except for a couple weeks at Elk Grade School where I learned “F” on the trumpet. Otherwise, can’t carry a tune in a bucket so ta speak. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words and hope you will be able to make it in August. After all, there’s usually no second chance to make your 50th class reunion!

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