Here’s an updated list of who is registered on this site. Common name or maiden name in parenthesis. Sorted alphabetically by last name. Not on here or know someone who isn’t? Tell them to come on over and register. Registration does not commit you to attend the CHS Class of 63 50th Reunion, but why wouldn’t you?

Elvin (Butch) Bailes
Alix Berlien (Stone)
Ed Berlien
Alan Bernstein
Barbara Carlton (Lloyd)
Alfred Carter
Kay (Frances K.) Chambers (Morris)
James Clark
Charles Clay
Sue Clay (Jacobs)
Carma Crawford (Wade)
Tom Crouser
Joan Cutchins Augustine
William Blair DeVinney
Jamal Dillard (Cassem)
Lee Diznoff
John Englert
Carl Fairchild
David Fontaine
Dianne Fowler (Poland)
Steve Fowler
Dick Freeman
Larry Garton
Bob Goodholm
Ginny Hart (Sackett)
Josephine Hypes (Cassis)
Betty Scott Ireland
Sally Johnson (Gilchrist)
Judy Knox (Sturm)
Elizabeth (Betty Ann) Lay (Baylous)
Jim Lee
Barbara Lester (Thrush)
Carolyn Lipford (Nuckols)
Nancy Beth Lovell
Bronwen Marino (Brown)
Kathy Marks (Williams)
David Martin
Ann McCorkle (Hiserman)
Jerry McCutcheon
Larry C. Melton
James Montgomery
Marcia Moore (Goelz)
Ken Morton
Peggy Morton (Shock)
David Mullins
Roy Naylor
Paula Newell (Aliff)
Fred Nutter
Bev Osborne
Karen Pardue (Nelson)
Betty Patrick (Reynolds)
Suzy Perry (DeLauder)
Leland Rice
Janice Rogers (Givens)
Nick Shalhoup
Reuel Sherwood
Roger Simpkins
Janeann Sleeman (Chamness)
Mary Constance (Connie) Smith (Snyder)
Richard Sothen
Bruce Spangler
Charles Stewart
Janet Stout (Boggs)
Amy Strachan (Cook)
Carolyn R. Sturgeon
Emory Tamplin
James ‘Jim’ Taylor
(Mary) Catherine Teti (Power)
Kenneth Tyree
Steve Walker
Susan Wedemeyer (Sherwood)
Patti Wiggins (Swancar)
Mary Ellen Wintzer (Browning)
Bill Wolfe
Jesse Workman
Charlie Wright
Arthur (Quentin) Young
Sarah Young (York)