Classmates Attending (July 23rd)

Following is a list of CLASSMATES ONLY who are planning to attend the 50th Class Reunion as of July 23rd. Reunion is Friday, August 9th at the Charleston Marriott. List is sorted by current last name:

Eugene (Butch) Bailes; Larry Ballard; Alix (Stone) Berlien; Alan Bernstein; Chuck Boggs; Rise (Cook) Boggs; Ann (McMaster) Busby; Barbara (Lloyd) Carlton; Doc Carter; Jim Clark; Charlie Clay; Sue (Jacobs) Clay; Bob Connor; Tom Crouser; Raymond Davis; Jamal (Cassem) Dillard; John Englert; Deborah (Anderson) Faber; Carl (Buddy) Fairchild; Steve Fowler; Dianne (Poland) Fowler; Carl (Bob) Goodholm; Jane (Yeager) Harich; Ginny (Sackett) Hart; Roger Hart; Butch Hill; Carolyn (Miller) Hunter

Josephine (Cassis) Hypes; Betty Scott Ireland; Paul Jefferson; Judy (Sturm) Knox; Fred Kuhlman; Jim Lee; Judy (Brown) Legg; Barbara (Thrush) Lester; Bill Litton; Nancy Lovell; Bill Mann; Bronwen (Brown) Marino; Gary Markham; Kathy (Williams) Marks; Jean (King) McClelland; Ann (Hiserman) McCorkle; Jerry McCutcheon; Don Meadows; Larry Melton; Mary (Powers) Moore; Ken Morton; Peggy Ruth (Shock) Morton; David Mullins; Roy Naylor; Fred Nutter; Bev Osborne; Bob Pedley; Berma Ann (Lacaria) Perfater

Patricia (Suzy DeLauder) Perry; Connie Sue (Zirkle) Pignato; Sam Rice; George Robson; Eloise (Lindsay) Rohner; Nick Shalhoup; Janeann (Chamness) Sleeman; Diana (Schneider) Slusser; Mary (Connie Snyder) Smith; Rick Sothen; Lionel Spangler; Butch Stewart; Janet (Boggs) Stout; Anne (Barton) Sullivan; Emory Tamplin; Neal Truman; Vandy Vanderford; Tim Velie; Steve Walker; Patti (Swancar) Wiggins; Bill Wolfe; Charlie Wright; Jane (Yeager) Harich; Quentin Young; and Sarah (York) Young

Certainly hope you are one of these! See you on August 9th.

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